Dolmen Path - Russian Megaliths

We are glad to see you at the Russian Megalithic Site "The Dolmen Path". One can use it as the window to Russian megalithic world. There is a photo gallery and a map of megaliths for the first time. And I 've constructed a tour with megaliths, so you can see it yourself now.

What are the Russian megaliths? The great number of them are located at the North - Western part of Caucasus mountains. Most of them are represented by rectangular structures made of stone slabs or cut in rocks with holes cut in their facade.

The Dolmen monuments... The Mysterious megaliths of England, Ireland, Mediterranean, Caucasus, Northern Europe... Who built the dolmens, when and what for? There is no simple answer. We possess no written sources, only strange laconic signs on some constructions.

Dolmen - pyramid, Mamed Canyon
Multiton plates adjusted with as much precision as in jewelry, accurate observance of proportions, quasi-absence of any ornament, a simple and severe beauty of idea...

Thousands of people are coming to the dolmens of Caucasus. And now you can see them too.

And much more megaliths of Russia!

Coming soon...

stone rows menhir
Stone rows of Western Siberia standing stones of Caucasus
dolmen stone
dolmens of Caucasus ritual stones of European plains
seid stone line
seids of European North Stone lines of European South
cairn with gallery and a dolmen
megalithic complexes of Caucasus labyrinths of White Sea
megalithic artifacts
Strange Megalithic artifacts

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