Dolmens and other megaliths of Adigeya

Maycop is the capital of Adigeja. A distinctive feature of megalithic culture of this region are the dolmen "towns". The largest known megalithic "town" numbers up to 580 megaliths (Kisinchy group). The second feature is the low percent of undamaged structures.

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Guseripl group, Belaya (White) River. One can sea three levels of stone damaged rings around this dolmen. The dolmen placed on the top of little artificial hill.

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There is an amazing stone stove on the opposite coast of Belaya (White) river. What is it? We don't know...

Megalithic group Bogatirskaya Doroga, Fars Valley, Novosvobodnaya village. The dolmen "town" is numbering up to 300 megalithic constructions. The town is placed by a few rows around peak of the mountain.

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