Dolmens of Lazarevskoe Region

Lazarevskoe is a little town on the Black Sea coast. We can find here a lot of dolmens of all kinds. And much more are unknown I think. The mountains are wild and forests are dark. Deciduous liana forests don't help in searching. One can sea nothing in throw steps sometimes. The highest known megalithic group is here (1301 m). And dolmens of this group are cut in granite rock.

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Dolmen in Shafit village, Ashe valley. The nearest dolmen to the coast in this valley with a great number of megaliths.

Group on the Nehetx Range. 6 dolmens, 2 dolmens with stone plugs, stone bowl. One dolmen is assembled without hole.

Dolmen - Pyramid in Mamed Canyon, Kuapse river. The angles are equal to Egyptian Pyramids!

Dolmen in Pionerka . There are non-symmetrical abstract images on the facade. One of them is an emblem of the site.

Dolmen near Maryino, Psezuapse valley. Here is a group of other broken dolmens.

Dolmens of the Solonitsky Range and Tsutshvadj Valley . These dolmens are cut in rocks. The roofs of dolmens are cut separately (semi- monolithic type), but were knocked off.

A dolmen in Godlick Canyon. The only dolmen known of monolithic type. 7.4 m width, 6.03m high. The megalith is cut in one giant rock in the riverbed of small river.

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