Dolmens of Sochi

Sochi is the largest Russian traditional health-resort. The heights of the ranges around reach values over 3000 meters above the sea level. This region wasn't researches satisfactory too. Dark humid mountain forests don't help in our megalithic searches. The density of known dolmen groups decreases gradually to south -east. A distinctive megalithic feature of Sochi region is the number of semi-monolithic type dolmens. Stone artifacts are also exist.

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Three Oaks Group, Shahe valley, (Bznich village, Soloh-Aul). It is one of the most beautiful megalithic sites. The height of the main group is about 900 m over sea level. I know 12 dolmens here but some of local inhabitants speak about 24 ~ 32 megaliths. The last dolmen among these photos has a damaged short portal gallery.

Dolmen in Sochi, museum of History. This dolmen was replaced from Lazarevskoe. Its facade is a sandstone slab. The rest walls made of large stone bricks (semi - component type).

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