Gelendjik dolmens

Gelenjik is a health-resting town on the coast of Black Sea. A distinctive feature of the dolmens of this region is high quality of assembling the megaliths.

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Dolmens of Neksys Mountain. These dolmens are disposed on the drum of a range. The second one is distinctive by its gamma-type stone bricks and high quality fitting of blocks. Its facade was damaged.

Neksys dolmenNeksys dolmen with gamma-type bricks

Dolmen in Shirokaya Shel. You can see an image of portal and four convexities on the facade. By the way, the facade is seems to be of lenticular form.

Dolmen in Vozrozdenie Village. The megalith is distincted by the highest quality of assembling the stone slabs.

Jane valley group.(not far from Vozrozdenie). The first one is famous by its abstract carving. The second megalith was restored a few years ago. The valley and the region round it is very high in megaliths.

Doguab river group. One can name this style as Pshada-style dolmens made of stone slabs. The holes of the dolmens were circular at first. The group is place on the farm "Dolmen" near Pshada.

Dolmen in Pshada village. The dolmen of semi -monolithic type. There are few caves in rocks not far from the megalith.

Pshada Valley. The group of 9 dolmens on the left coast of the river. The megaliths of distinct Pshada's trapezoidal type. The valley and the region round it is very high in megaliths. The river basin is highly hopeful in new megalithic discoveries.

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