Megalithic Books

second edition (october 1999)
in English and Russian

Some words about my photo album. This work include 28 large (A5 size) photos of North Caucasian dolmens from Novorossiysk to Sochi. It is a result of one of my mountain travels.

I use the image on the dolmen's facade (Pionerka, Lazarevskoe) as an emblem of the book and the site.

a little text part (4 pages)
28 photos of Caucausian dolmens
Solonitski Range, Lazarevskoe

More books on megaliths in Russian:

S.V.Valganov. Caucausian Dolmens. Reconstruction of Cult. Business-Press Agency. Moscow.2004
A large well illustrated work on Caucausian megalithic culture
S.V.Valganov. The Dolmen Path -2. Business-Press Agency. Moscow.2004
New photo album
Megalith-Cafe. Business-Press Agency. Moscow.2003
A number of scientific and popular articles on megalithic cultures of Russia
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