Tuapse megaliths

Tuapse is a harbor on the Black Sea Coast and a center of a region. The dolmens array consist of great number types. The largest part of megalithic structures is unknown I believe. Here is the unique megalith Psinako-1 (with my virtual 3D reconstruction). It corresponds to underground dolmens with dromos. The complex has the stone rays oriented similar to Stonehenge by mean of the first researcher. The megalith is in very bad nick now.

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Dolmen in Djubga. Large dolmen made of stone slabs. The megalith is unique by the ellipse stone wall. The slabs of the wall are set in two layers. The curvilinear surface of contacts is used.

Stone Opencast Group. You can see here two semi-monolithic type dolmens of false-portal kind. These dolmens are cut in sandstone rocks with stone slab on the top of structure. A convexity on a facade simulate a stone plug, but the true hole is cut on the back side.

First dolmen, facade.First dolmen, back side.Second dolmen, facade.

Dolmen in Psinako Valley, Adignalovo. Psinako-3 Group. On somebody opinion the megalith is overwinded semi-monolithic type construction.

The unique megalithic complex Psinako-1: the cairn with an underground dolmen and a long passage. It was highly demaged, so I had to make some virtual 3D reconstruction. Click the images to read and to see more.

photo of cairnvirtual reconstruction

Psinako-2 DolmenPsinako-2 group. A few dolmens different types. The dolmen on this photo is the most well-preserved megalith here. The rest of them are circular dolmens made of sandstone bricks. The little stone walls sorround these dolmens. One can see a strange roundstown beams around a dolmen!

Psebe Valley, Granichniy Passover group (not far from Faher mountain). This group is intensely demaged by the Time. Only the facade part of the first dolmen is well-preserved.

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